Episode 1: CanI Talk to the Appraiser? 

Nicole B. asks Miles Hamrick if she can talk to the appraiser that is coming to her home and what the appraiser will be doing? Miles answers these questions and provides tips for preparation for the appraiser's site visit.  Click HERE to listen. 

Episode 2: The Real Estate Tax Man is Coming

Is your local county in North Carolina in the process of reevaluation? If so, get ready for those NEW tax bills based on the past two years of real estate sales. 

Listen to this episode to understand how to contest your tax value and key points from Miles. He served six years on the Gaston County Board of Equalization and Review, hearing complaints from property owners.  Click HERE to listen. 

If you have questions for Miles about the appraisal business or the appraisal process, send an email to miles@mileshamrick.com. 

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